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Mainline Wet-Out

      Installation Method

PPI provides wet-out CIPP tubes suitable for popular installation methods like inversions and traditional pull-in-place. These tubes can be tailored for curing using hot water, steam, or ultraviolet light.

      Tube Sizes

Tubes can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 3" to 96" in diameter, with thicknesses up to 60mm. Tube thickness options are offered in 0.5mm increments, enabling precise control over liner thickness, saving resin, time, and costs.

      Lead Times

We recognize the significance of timely and dependable delivery. Our quick turnaround times and capability to prioritize urgent orders ensure your operations remain flexible, cost-efficient, and responsive to your clients' requirements.


Efficient management of logistics, spanning from order placement to delivery, is a vital component of our quality framework. Our extensive logistics expertise holds particular significance for time-critical deliveries, including emergency scenarios and over-the-hole wet outs. With strategically positioned facilities, we ensure minimized transit times, typically ranging from one to two days for the majority of the US.

      Technical Support

Our management and technical teams boast vast expertise across all facets of CIPP wet out and installation. Collaborating closely with our customers, we devise tailored solutions for unique conditions and demands, extending support throughout the entire process from order placement to installation.

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